Friday, July 13, 2012

Sabrina & Kenneth's London Trip!

Sabrina waiting for the bus in Haugsand bus stop, she was bored so she climbed the tree!

The Tower of London, one of the coolest things to do in London!
Tower Bridge in the background, still Tower of London.
Tower Bridge with Olympic Rings!

Millennium Bridge, if you have seen Harry Potter 6 you will recognize this  bridge!
 Millennium Bridge with St. Paul's in the background. Remember Mary Poppins and the little old lady singing "Feed the Birds" on the steps of St. Paul's. That is also where Princess Di married Prince Charles!
 Shakespeare's Globe. Where he would have had his plays performed in London (I think).
 St. Paul's Cathedral
 Had to get a photo in a Red Phone Box!
 M&M World! Also the only photo of Kenneth! He was the one taking them all!
 Such a fun store! 3 Floors of M&M fun!

 The M&M version of Abbey Road!
 On the London Eye!

 From the London Eye, look at the red buses!

 Classic British!
 Buckingham Palace and Queen Victoria's Fountain

 The Best part of the trip according to Sabina was
 Phantom of the Opera!
She said it was UNBELIEVABLE, plus they had fantastic seats!
 Harry Potter Studios, Kenneth's favorite part of the trip! He said there was so much he couldn't take photos of it all, it was just amazing. So much detail, he said I needed to go and see it, so I hope that happens soon! This is the great Hall!

 Door of the Great Hall
 Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory, that is Harry's bed!
 Dumbledore's Office, Kenneth said the details here were just amazing. Just little details you never see in the film, just made it all so magical!
 Weasley's kitchen! They had the pan and scrub brush going in the sink, and you can see the knitting needles in the bottom of this photo, you could make them knit for you as well!
 #4 Privet Drive
 Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes!
 Kenneth loved Flourish & Blotts, mostly cause he loves Kenneth Branagh who played Professor Lockhart!
The model of Hogwarts, Kenneth said it was so detailed! It wasn't necessarily small either, we thought it was going to be much smaller, but it was quite large and utterly AMAZING.

They had such a good trip, they stayed at was it affectionately called the Brooks' B&B, and we will need to send a great thank you package over to them for the great hospitality they gave Kenneth and Sabrina. London is AMAZING and you really could spend weeks getting lost in all it has to offer. They did make it to Harrods, Hyde Park Chapel, Churchill's War Rooms, Hamely's and more, here were the highlights for them! Can't wait to go again! Maybe Espen needs a trip in the fall!

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